Application Areas

Industries we serve

Listed below are some of our core competences.

Olefins production

  • Prevention of fouling in key areas of the plant such as primary fractionator, compressor & light ends
  • Stabilisation of mixed C4 streams
  • Stabilisation of raw and hydrotreated pyrolysis gasoline


  • Polymer prevention in extraction section
  • Polymer prevention in distillation section

Acrylates & methacrylates

  • Inhibition of polymerisation in esterification reactor
  • Polymer prevention in extraction and purification sections


  • Inhibition of polymerisation in styrene distillation section

Vinyl acetate

  • Prevention of polymer throughout the process

Polymerisation processes

  • Inhibition of polymerisation in monomer recovery sections for butadiene and styrene
  • Foam control during polymerisation and monomer recovery