New SiYPro Application Technology laboratory opens in China

To meet the increasing demand for technical service from our growing customer base in Asia, SiYPro has recently opened a new Application Technology laboratory in Shanghai.

The new facility is equipped to simulate common vinyl monomer processes. The whole range of SiYPro additives, including antipolymerants, dispersants, antioxidants, antifoams and many other products, can be tested under the same conditions as those used by the customer. Having access to the latest analytical equipment of Evonik's research centre (eg. GC, HPLC, NMR, Py-GCMS, EDS, SEM, etc.), the lab will be able to analyse even complex customer process samples. By identifying the root of a fouling problem, the SiYPro technical team can offer innovative solutions for the specific needs of the customer.

Located at Evonik's Shanghai campus, the lab will strengthen the SiYPro business in the fast-growing Asian market by offering high quality technical support. With excellent technical service already being one of the major competitive advantages of the SiYPro business, increased response time and a good understanding of the local needs will help to deliver an enhanced experience to our customers.