New Antifoulant Partnership in Taiwan

Evonik Industries recently created a partnership with Zimmite Taiwan Co Ltd to provide the best additive packages to Taiwan's petrochemical industry.

Zimmite has more than 30 years of experience in the industrial water treatment market, which forms a perfect synergy with EVONIK's SiYPro performance additives for process applications. Together Zimmite and SiYPro can deliver a turn-key service package to Taiwan's petrochemical market. This team approach has already resulted in a number of new accounts for the combined team. Corey Pei, SiYPro Regional Sales Director in Taiwan remarked "Zimmite's profound technical knowledge of the petrochemical industry as well as in-depth understanding of the local petrochemical industry's business culture and practice really gives a boost to our SiYPro development in Taiwan. Moreover, Zimmite's highly qualified site engineers always do a great job in delivering the right level of technical support and in deepening the relationship with our customers".