Evonik SiYPro™ makes the world a bit greener; environmental friendly retarder for the styrene industry commercially launched

Energy efficiency, protecting the environment and responsible care are key goals for the SiYPro™ product line. To achieve this, the R&D team in Marl started a project 2 years ago to replace the toxic styrene retarder Dinitrobutylphenol (DNBP).

Evonik partnered for this project with a leading styrene producer as they were using DNBP in their styrene production and were also looking to an environmental friendly, cost effective replacement. After intensive work in the laboratory a new alternative was found which is represented in the new SiYPro™ Super product family.

After these very promising laboratory results the new green retarder had to prove its power in a real plant trial. The trial was conducted in the first half of 2010 with great success. As well as the good retardation results, further improvements in the plant operations like a very low soluble polymer level were detected. For both parties the results were more than satisfying and as a result of this, the new green retarder will replace DNBP in this plant in 2011.

“The great cooperation with our partner was one key stone to the successful finishing of the project. The chemical expertise of Evonik and the styrene process expertise of our partner made this project so successful” said Dr. Frank Kraushaar, head of Evonik’s Polymer Additives Market Segment. He sees the future in such cooperations with other potential partners like monomer producers, engineering companies or licensors.

If you want to learn more about the green retarder family or if you are interested in partnership projects feel free to contact your local SiYPro representative