Who we are?

Fouling problems? We keep it clean!

We call this service SiYPro™ - Simplify Your Process. Where there is a fouling problem, our experts will analyze the process, advise which performance additives are needed, and provide tailored technical support. The goal here is not just a quick fix, but a solution that goes to the root of the problem. After all, we’re monomer producers too, so we fully understand the importance of assuring plant availability.

Our Strengths

Evonik has a long history of producing high quality products for a wide range of industrial applications. With the introduction of SiYPro™ a further innovative product line has been created to support our customers in their daily business.

Our philosophy is to be flexible in helping you solve your process challenges. If you simply want to replace an additive that is not doing its job, we can help you. If you have a problem that needs to be solved, we can help you with that, too. We can also provide on-site support to the extent that you require it.

  • Designing tailor-made antifoulants
  • Finding the right process location
  • Constant process monitoring
  • On-going treatment optimisation
  • Providing world-wide service
  • Defining the benefits for the plant in terms of more production, cost savings, improved plant behaviour